Shannan was born and raised here in Binghamton. She went to Binghamton University’s Decker School for Nursing for her Nurse Practitioner degree and is currently an NP at UHS in the Breast Surgery department.  She is married to a man she first met when they were  both seasonal employees at Dorchester Park.  Shannan says “for being a small area we do have a lot to do here! My husband and I have been season members at the Forum and have enjoyed many shows.” Shannan loves First Fridays and all the revitalization of downtown Binghamton and other great shows like LUMA as well as the Rumble Ponies and the Devils. The food and all the new restaurants on State Street and surrounding areas are incredible like Social on State and Water Street Brewing.  “I love that while this is a large area we are able to rally behind each other. I see many benefits for people being done by their neighbors and friends.  We have a group, the Caring Quilter’s project, which makes quilts for our newly diagnosed breast cancer patients that helps give an extra caring reminder that they are loved by the people in the community.  We really look out for each other in this area.”

Shannan is a firm believer in giving back and treating others like she would want to be treated.  She is a caring, compassionate person.  “If I treat all my patients like my family I know they are getting the best care I can give. I truly want what is best for my patients and love that I work in an area where taking the time to listen to what the patient is truly saying is encouraged.  I know that cancer can be scary and a very confusing time. If I can help people understand its ok to be scared and how we can work past that together I feel that I have taken some of that burden off of them.”

Shannan joined the UHS breast surgery team in February of 2018. “I have a great facility, wonderful surgeons, and an entire team of care professionals I work with who all have the common goal of best care. All of our mammography machines have the ability to give us the 3D images and this year we will be implementing Dog Therapy and Reiki for patients undergoing chemo to help reduce stress. Another exciting thing that we are offering at the UHS Breast Center is the High Risk Surveillance Program.”

Besides her work at UHS, Shannan loves to golf including participating in the UHS Golf and Health Expo.  She is the President of her golf league up at Ely park golf course.  She also loves boating and spending time in the St. Lawrence River region. Thank you Shannon for sharing a bit of your story with us!