Winter Fun!

With everything the season brings us this winter there are so many outdoor recreational opportunities to enjoy.  No we’re not talking about shoveling your walk, even though you’re undoubtedly going to be doing a lot of that. We’re talking about something else Broome County has plenty of in the winter like Ice Skating, Sledding/Tobogganing, Cross Country Skiing, Hockey, Snow Shoeing and even Ice Fishing. You can find  places and schedules for many of these winter games at our parks at, SUNY Broome, The Ice House Sports Complex and the Arena or you can check with one of our clubs like the Binghamton Figure Skating Club for times and lessons, or the Triple Cities Ski Club if you want to hit the slopes nearby.

Whatever your winter preference, remember, you live in New York, and the one thing we have plenty of is winter.

So why not make the most of it, put down your shovel for the day, and go enjoy yourself… even if it’s just building a snowman better than your neighbor’s.