LACKAWANNA MORNING | 1995, oil on canvas

Anthony Brunelli

world renowned photorealist painter

“I knew I wanted to be an artist since I was 4; I have always had a passion for creating art. I thought everyone knew what they wanted to be at a young age and had the passion and drive to see it through. I always was able to believe in myself and my dreams and make them happen.”

Anthony is a hometown boy who has gone on to international recognition and acclaim with his works being shown in several museums around the world and featured in the last 2 Photorealism books by Louis K. Meisel, who is the founder of the movement and his art dealer. Yet despite this fame he made a conscious decision to open, and keep, his art gallery, which is run by his brother in Binghamton.  “I was raised in Binghamton, it’s my hometown, where I raised my children. There is a nostalgia that keeps me tethered to Binghamton”.   

Anthony’s early career in art were works that captured the essence of the small town American landscape through his depictions of Binghamton and the surrounding small cities of Upstate NY.  “The rewards of my field are that I get to make the world beautiful. My creations draw people in and they choose to hang it in their home. My vision is of making the world a better place, filling the world with love and beauty. Art over the years has become very commercial and in-the-moment – not necessarily about the art at all. I am about the art and the artists – about the collectors who enjoy the artwork for what it is, not for the status it may represent or the investment it could be”.   

Anthony Brunelli – one more beautiful reason that this area is great.