I am Vestal

Comfort & Son Jewelers

Comfort & Son Jewelers has been building relationships since 1932 when Harry Comfort and later Harry’s oldest brother Don opened a small trade shop doing watch repair work located above the Bluehaven Diner.  Adam Comfort said his grandfather Harry “apprenticed under his brother Don to become a watchmaker (repairmen). Around 18 years later my grandfather (Roy Comfort) bought the business and made the transition to retail moving from above the Bluehaven to around the corner on Broad Street.

He started small and grew the retail side little by little establishing the theory in which we still do business today. Sometime later we moved to our 241 Main Street location. My father Mike Comfort took the business over from his father and me from him.

My father comes in daily and enjoys his time dealing with long time customers. We have always enjoyed and taken a great pride in the cultivation of relationships with our customers and often see multiple generations of families continue to do business with us. Adam said “Comfort & Son Jewelers, which is now located on the Vestal Parkway in Vestal, is the “people’s jeweler” that has been “giving back to our community for years. Though we don’t sit on Boards of organizations we seek those out that could use a little help and offer it. I’m not much for the attention good deeds bring; rather the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone out is enough.  After all our community has been good to our family for years, why should we not pay that forward.”