Sometimes we find our greatest loves by accident.

While I was trying to conquer my fear of public speaking via a mix of venturing out of my comfort bubble and peer pressure, I began doing karaoke and fell in love with singing. Seemed I couldn’t get enough of it, it put me in a place where I felt I always should’ve been. One night an acquaintance asked me if I would mind if she came and watched me sing some time, and she did. And I found another of my greatest loves, Diane.

Her eyes captivated me, her heart enchanted me, and her beauty enticed me and for the first time in my life I felt comfort, the kind of comfort that ensures you that you can just be yourself. Our energies just seemed to meld. And even though I’ve never had kids her children made us a complete family. We are engaged to be married now, she is truly my best friend.

I fell in love with music because it told stories of my own life and my heart could speak them when I sing. I fell in love with Diane because she made me feel like I was in a place where I always should’ve been. With her by my side and music filling my soul.