You can tell the depth of one’s love by hearing the words one has for another.   And such is the case with David (DJ) Goguen and Kristen Tocheny from the southside of the Village of Johnson City. 

Kristen: “I fell in love with the person he is. He is the most generous selfless person I know. I always felt like I could be my complete self with him and bonded over similar interests and always have fun together.”

DJ: “I could tell she was the one from an early day. She is a very loving person and would do anything to help someone she loves. We both have a unique sense of humor so it’s easy to be ourselves around each other.”

DJ and Kristen first met at the Binghamton Devils game and are now engaged and in the process of planning their wedding.  The funny thing is they say “once we started to get to know each other we realized that we grew up one street away from each other when we were kids. When we were older and both owned our own homes we again lived less than a block away from each other. It is truly amazing we never met before we did.”  And they added “We are happy to start our lives in the Greater Binghamton area. This place has always been our home and we are very community-oriented people. We both have spent time living elsewhere but its true what they say there’s no place like home!”