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We’ve Got Talent

ellen street museThree years ago a new band hit the local scene when three members of the rock band 5th Gear decided it would be fun to form a new acoustic and electric trio, Ellen St. Muse. Two of the members,  Dave Hagerman and Jim Pavlik  who have been playing music together since the 70’s, were joined by  Corey Hagerman who completes this musical trio. Many groups will tell you they are like family, but what makes this group so unique besides their sound is that they really are family. Dave and Corey are father and son and Jim is Corey’s father in law.  Even the name of the band reflects the family’s history, as  Ellen St. is where  Dave and Corey live and the band  practices.

A couple of the things you’ll love about them are the tight harmonies and the variety of styles and songs in their inventory. They play music everyone loves to sing to from the 60’s thru 80’s like covers  from the  Eagles, America, Tom Petty, the Beatles and Alabama to name just a few.  With all sharing in lead vocals and Dave on lead guitar,  Jim on keyboard, guitar & harmonica, and  Corey on guitar,  plus backing tracks and drum beats bringing up the rhythm section, this trio sounds like a 5 or 6 piece band with a harmony that will blow you away. Make sure you follow these guys. You’ll have as much fun listening and singing along as they do performing!