Battaglini Bakery is proud to carry on the tradition of baking bread with no preservatives for our community in the same location for 4 generations.  Begun in 1911 by Guiseppe and Filomena Battaglini at 111 Oak Hill Ave in Endicott their specialty is stone hearth Italian bread.  

The current owners are Joseph and Anthony Battaglini and they said in “the old days the bread was delivered by horse and wagon. The horse’s name was Angelina. While the driver would make deliveries to houses and stores, Angelina had a habit of leaving without the driver. But they never had to worry because Angelina would always go to the next stop on the route!”

Battaglini Bakery has given the community in so many ways including to churches, schools, and charities.  And they are what helps to make this a great place to live.

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