I am Broome County

The American Farmer

As we give thanks for all we have, our family, our friends, our health, and the food before us at our Thanksgiving tables, it seems  appropriate that we also give thanks to our farmers, whose life, work and toil are dedicated to helping bring food to all of our tables.

“Thank you for your endless hours from dawn’s early break to dusks fading lights.

Thank you for your patience, your care, your weather worried days and sleepless nights.”

Thank you for the life you have chosen and the struggles you endure. Thank you for being a farmer and the family you hold dear.”

We stopped by the Broome County Regional Farmers Market  on Upper Front St. to  say hi and share some photos of our  farmers and their families with you all.  They’re open year round so stop on down some weekend and meet some great people.

Happy Thanksgiving all !!!