Get the Look – My Italian Granpa’s Old School Sunburn Remedy

My Italian Grandpa’s Old School Sunburn Remedy

If you’re like me, you get at least one bad sunburn a summer, if not more! I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain and lessen the redness of my complexion. Aloe Vera helps temporarily for me but it takes days. This summer I already got one bad sunburn and was desperate for a remedy! I called my grandpa and he had just the thing for it. He told me to get olive oil, apply it all over my sunburn then get white or yellow potatoes, slice them thin, and put them all over my sunburn. I thought this sounded a little silly but I was desperate! So into the kitchen I went! To get the potatoes to stay on I laid down in bed and applied them on top of the olive oil, on top of my sunburn. I felt ridiculous but kept this up for about 3 hours. After this point I had to get up and I removed all the potato slices and soon after I fell asleep. A few hours later I woke up expecting to be in pain, but to my surprise I was not. I looked at my legs and my redness was gone and tan was left behind. I was baffled and amazed. My grandpa had always told me stories about how his parents would do this for him when he got sunburned and how well it worked and I’m happy to now carry down this miracle sunburn remedy! Times change and advances are made every day but sometimes you have to stick with an old fashion tested and proven solution! And besides, that Grandpa is always right.