Get the Look with Niki Crow

Halloween is the one time of the year where you can really stretch the bounds of imagination and create a look that is all your own! I have a series of videos on the website to teach you how to transform into a pumpkin, a skeleton, an Egyptian queen and so much more!   

Below I want to explain how easy and inexpensive it is to do one of my favorite looks, a skeleton. All you need is black eyeliner, light shade foundation and some neutral tone shadows.

  • Start with a light foundation to make your skin look more bone-like. Then use a light taupe shadow and outline the full look. Drawing along your eye sockets to make a hallowed out look and sculpting out your cheeks and jaw bone and drawing teeth with long roots.
  • Next fill in your eye socket area with a light brown shadow to add depth and shadows.
  • Fill in your cheekbone outline with a dark black eyeliner or eye shadow and blend that going down to your jawline. You want the area under your cheekbones to look nonexistent so really darken that area.
  • You also want to make a black outline on the tip of your nose going up to make it looks like you have a hallowed out nose!
  • For your teeth you can use a white shadow or just use the light foundation to make them look lighter and then blend a dark brown shadow on the outer edges to give it more shadow and depth.
  • Add dark brown shadow lines to create a hallowed out look!

Although this is a brief outline you can always check out my videos on the website!