Get The Look with Niki Crow

Bad Hair Day?

No Problem!

How many of you have been experiencing a bad hair day lately? I know between the cold and dry atmosphere my hair has been looking dull! Styling it everyday can be a pain and constantly highlighting or dying your hair is costly and damaging!

Not to worry because I’m here to give you a 5 minute solution for the best hair day, everyday! Wigs!

Wigs come in all different styles, colors, lengths and types. They also come in many different price ranges! So let’s look at a few!

$15- $25 Lace Front, Synthetic Wig from a Wig Outlet

This wig is a very inexpensive wig! Typically with inexpensive wigs we will see a few flaws! With this one I noticed that the amount of hair was lacking. These aren’t very full wigs. Although surprisingly this was a Lace Front wig meaning it has a bit of lace in the front that you cut and it helps blend it seamlessly against your hairline or forehead. Lace Fronts are normally more expensive so this was a great price. However, the hair itself looks quiet fake and shiny. We see this with low quality Synthetic wigs often. There are a number of things you can do to make this look more natural but I would say these are best for trying out styles and colors before making a big investment. These are also fun to wear on a night out or a costume party!

$25-$45 No Lace Synthetic Wigs | Priseer App

These Wigs are also a cheaper type of synthetic hair which gives them a very shiny and fake look. Because these didn’t have any lace built in, the transition from my forehead to the wig looks very harsh. They also have no part to them which makes them look fake and they have a poorly designed wig cap which peaks through the hair. These wigs aren’t great for anything other than costume parties or pictures. They wont be fooling anyone!

$80+ Lace Front Synthetic Wig |

This wig was amazing! It has a ton of hair! The lace blended seamlessly and looked natural! The part on this wig in particular was non existent because of the hairstyle but after playing with the hair and parting it myself it looked natural! Although the hair is synthetic it is a higher quality and looked less shiny and more natural! This is great for everyday wear or to change up your look. You can style these with hot tools and because there is so much hair you can create beautiful elaborate hairstyles!

$290+ Smart Lace Front, Monofilament Top Synthetic Wig |

This is the most expensive wig but also the best wig on the list. This wig comes in different sizes so it fits your head perfectly! The smart lace front means you don’t have to cut it yourself which makes it extremely easy to wear right out of the box. The Monofilament top lets you part the hair wherever you want while always giving you a natural looking part. This wig however wasn’t as thick as some of the others but it did have layers cut right into it which gave it a ton of body! This Synthetic hair is very high quality and isn’t shiny like most! It is soft to the touch and looks as real as your own hair! This is perfect for everyday wear or extended wear!