December Warm

written by John Vallone Jr.

Who can recall, Decembers of past,

Where images of Holidays linger
and last.

For some there’s a child,
and kings from afar,

For others there’s a candle,
eight nights and a star.

For some there’s a Carol
as they Deck the Hall,

With a red suit and a tree,
some seven foot  tall.

Still others will celebrate
the New Year to be,

Remembering friends
and great things to be.

For some December’s,
a holiday held dear,

For some it’s a month,
with friends always near.

For many its ice, snow and a storm,
with friends and family….
that keep December Warm.

Our wish for you, to hold, and recall
for joy and good tidings, 
and good will…. to all.