Fitness Corner
Brittany Spritzer

“When I was 29 years old I had two small children. I was looking for a way to get back into shape that was easy and inexpensive. Having alone time to relax, recover, and recoup from the business of life was very much needed! Running gave me just that. Having an activity that was healthy for myself meant that I was also doing something that made me a better mother to my children.

Running is a sport that is very social.  There are multiple group runs on a weekly basis, there are organized races at different distances that give reason for all runners (of any level) to get together, and with every group run or race we all grow closer together as a community of runners. I meet new people at races and group runs, see others who are new friends, and always have my long-time friends with me so we can have new experiences and make new memories. The connection between the people of the running community is so satisfying and so positive that there is no way I would ever give it up.  Running is also important to me because it gives me a sense of motivation and personal goal.  I feel that if I am not continually trying to improve myself then I am not living to my full potential.  Once life gets rolling between careers, family, children, etc. it is easy to feel like you are getting lost in it all.  Finding a single source of focus outside of all the many layers of life can help to keep you on track.  I use running to motivate myself to get in a certain number of miles for my fitness, to have a certain goal time to hit at a race for a source of motivation that also requires dedication and regimen.  All of these things are important to running at your best but can also be translated into important lessons and habits for healthy, happy living in general.

The running community is very strong and evidenced by the number of races that are available every weekend. Wherever you drive throughout Broome County at any time of day chances are you’ll pass by a runner! There is a club that will fit any person’s goal and personality style, try them all until you find the perfect fit.”

We’d like to thank Binghamton’s for writing this month’s Fitness  Corner. This is part 1 of 2.   Please look for her following article coming soon!