Spring Cleaning

with Niki Crow

It’s now spring! You know what that means!
Time to clean out the old to make room for the new!
Here are some tips to make your spring cleaning easier!

Clothes :

Do you have some clothes that don’t fit anymore? Or maybe they’re just not your style? Clean them right out of your closet! There is no use in keeping items you never wear! Instead try donating them! You’ll have room for new spring trends plus you’ll be doing some good in your community!

Makeup :

Old makeup can be dangerous! Throw out your old makeup that is laying around and collecting harmful bacteria! Here is a basic guide on how long your makeup is good for after opening. Mascara and liquid eyeliner – 3 Months! Foundation, concealer, cream blush or bronzer and lipstick – 6 months up to a 1 year! Powder blush and bronzer, eyeshadow and lipliner – 2 years!

Split Ends:

Spring is the perfect time to get the chop! Whether its just a trim to cut off those dead ends or a drastic change! You’ll still have time for your hair to grow by summer and you’ll feel refreshed with a new style!